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Anonymous said: I would just like to say that your hair is really pretty and I kinda wanna kiss ur face in a non-creepy or aggressive manner.

Aw man! Thanks person, that’s flattering. But I really need to do something with my hair soon because it’s just starting to lay flat and look bleh, yaknow?

Also I appreciate the sentiment, but the only person kissing my face in any sort of manner is my girlfriend. VIP access only, man.

obligeme said: so I'm not going anon but how long have you studied Latin? why? what degree and career are you studying for? do you know any other languages (dead or otherwise)?


  • I’ve had four semesters of Classical Latin, and I’m currently in Medieval Latin. And…I can sorta barrel my way through reading both as long as I have a dictionary on hand. I can’t speak it (no need to), and I can ever so barely write it (again, no need to create).
  • I took it because…I needed four semesters of a language to graduate. I took Russian 101 my very first semester of college, but I don’t remember near enough to move on to 102 and beyond. Also I wasn’t gonna take Spanish or French because I did enough of that in high school and fuuuuuck that. Latin looked hella chill and it always jived with my class schedule so I took it and I love it.
  • In December, I’ll have my BA in sociology, but I really wanna carry on with this whole “radio” thing I do, and make a career out of it. So I genuinely have zero functional need for Latin.
  • I’m actually kinda decent at reading Latin (it just takes a bit of time), and I can sorta stay afloat at basic Spanish, but I don’t know near enough to be useful. I’m working on that one.

obligeme said: something?


Anonymous said: what are your favorite movies and why

Stop Making Sense: I fucking love Talking Heads, and it’s probably the most beautifully-shot concert film.

True Stories: I fucking love Talking Heads, and it’s probably the most peaceful, relaxing movie I’ve seen. There is honestly no conflict in it at all. None. Nada.

Fargo: I love the Coen Brothers and exaggerated Minnesota accents.

Literally anything Nic Cage, John Cusack, or Kevin Spacey: I like those guys.

The Room: It’s the greatest and most important American film of the 21st century.

Anonymous said: What is your capstone?

Sociology of Violence. Basically the class teaches various forms of violence, why some people may turn violent, how violence is used by both the state and by everyday people, yadda yadda yadda. It’s neat stuff.

aclowza said: Mothman sometimes comes to cbus and he takes me by the hand and makes me fly with him down to that bridge on the border. Kind of romantic.. I guess. :/ x 10

Mothman is a gentle, yet firm, lover

holditin said: Which Trailer Park Boys character do you most identify with?

Bubbles forever and always. Always and forever Bubbles.

Anonymous said: ur "okay" tag gives me life

My okay tag is the best tag on tumblr.

The second best tag is my cool tag.

Followed by birds.

Then dogs.

Then my gpoy tag.

I am the best blog on

Anonymous said: Selfie?

It’s been a long day and I haven’t shaved in half a week, so here’s what you get.

tedwassanasong said: Ughhhh I was at my friends and these were totally brighter than stars omg it was freaky I'm gonna get abducted

Dude this is weird as hell man. Like, fuck I thought it was possibly something on fire falling from the sky, but…nope. Two orange lights in the sky. Moving very quickly. I had honestly forgotten about it until you linked to the report on orange lights.


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