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Britney Spears - A VICTIM OF ILLUMINATI - Full Video


Alive From Off Center 01

I’d forgotten how much I missed this show.  Why doesn’t it exist in streaming form somewhere?  I was introduced to so many cool things thanks to Off Center.  Sigh.  

Ten years ago, on January 11, 2004, actor and writer Spalding Gray went missing. On March 7 of that year, Gray’s body was found in the East River; his death was ruled a suicide.

Ten years later, here’s one of his films, Gray’s Anatomy, from 1996, directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Video of Pripyat, Ukraine hours before it was evacuated, and then two years after it was abandoned.

The white, flickering dots are reportedly from radiation hitting the lens of the camera.

So if anyone would like a glimpse of what my home’s all about.




‘D’ Is for Divorce: Big Feelings on Sesame Street

In early 1992, a census report predicted that 40 percent of children would soon live in divorced homes. As one of the most famous children’s television programs in the world, Sesame Street was determined to take on a topic most kid’s shows wouldn’t touch. They cast Snuffy, a.k.a. Mr. Snuffleupagus, for the part of child divorcee.

With a team of its best writers, researchers, and producers, a segment was scripted and shot. It went through a half-dozen revisions, with input from the foremost researchers in the field. And on a typical sunny afternoon on Sesame Street, the furry, red, elephantine muppet known as Snuffy prepared to drop the bomb on his loyal preschool viewers. 

“My dad is moving out of our cave,” he confides to Big Bird one afternoon, distraught after knocking over a house built of blocks. “I’m not sure where,” he continues, crying. “Some cave across town.”

Big Bird, naturally, is horrified. “But why?” he asks his friend. 

Snuffy blinks his long, dark eyelashes, and pauses. We know what’s coming. Well, he explains, “because of something called a divorce.”

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Thank you to the Tumblr Storyboard team for this fantastic story. Our resources for families coping with divorce come out tomorrow; stay tuned!

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Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers


chuck person / too little, too late

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